Friday 28 July 

He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa
Bonjour à toutes nos familles


Term 3 and it’s cold out there now. Please make sure your child has warm clothes when they come to school. If it’s not raining at break times they will be outside so they need adequate clothing to keep them warm.  Also, for the little ones, you may wish to check that their spare clothes are winter-friendly as if they need to get changed during the day they could be shivering away in their summer-friendly stubbies and singlets. 

Student teachers

We currently have two student teachers working with us for the first five weeks of the term.  Felix is working in Tūī and Aaron is in Kōtare. They are here until 18 August. Say hi if you see them!

First Aid classes

From 23 - 25 August, St John paramedics are coming to run first aid classes with all our tamariki.  This is what the different year groups will learn. 

New Entrant - Year 2:  Emergency Smart and Safety Smart

  • Recognising emergencies and knowing how to get help

  • How to call 111

  • How to help someone while waiting for an ambulance

  • Recognise danger of falls and poisons

  • Identify risks and explore safe decision making

Year 3 - 4:  Emergency Ready and Safety Ready

  • Calling 111

  • Assessing own safety in an emergency

  • How to check for a response and place unresponsive patient on their side

  • How to treat a severe bleed

  • How to prevent falls

  • Appropriate safety attire in the  outdoors

  • Treatment of minor injuries

Year 5 - 6:  Emergency Responder and Safety Solver

  • Assess patients using DRSABC and take appropriate actions

  • Appropriate responses to a variety of situations requiring first aid

  • How to prevent injuries

  • Identify hazards in a variety of environments

Year 7 & 8: Emergency First Aider and Safety Pro

  • DRSABC and take appropriate action

  • Appropriate responses for an unconscious patient and effective CPR

  • Appropriate responses to a variety of situations requiring first aid

  • Explore risks and strategies to minimise risk in sport

  • Treatment of soft tissue injuries

  • Appropriate management of concussion and head injuries. 

Calendar Art

Tamariki have been working on some amazing art, ready to be turned into diaries, calendars, cards and more. An order form will be sent out after their artwork is completed and displayed on Spotlight, with all orders due by Friday 25th August.

Scholastic Issue 5

Loop orders will close on Tuesday 1st August. These will be delivered to the school then handed out to children when they arrive. 

Upcoming Events

10 August - Swimming Sports Year 4 - 8

18 August - Mid Term Hui at 9.10am

22 August Southern Zones Swimming Sports

23 - 25 August - First Aid classes

12 September - Artsplash at the Michael Fowler Centre 5pm

22 September - Term 3 Ends

Community Notices

Sarah Patterson
Deputy Principal
Te Kura o Tawatawa - Ridgway School

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