How do you access the @school app?

You can access @school via your computer or phone.

Here's a link to a Youtube video that shows how to download the @school app for your phone and how to log in.  It will also give you an overview of what you can see in @school.

Why is it important to have the @school app?

The @school app is your 'one stop shop' for everything at Tawatawa - Ridgway.

From this app you can see the..

  • teacher messages and school notices
  • newsletter
  • school events calendar which shows all of our upcoming events
  • school website
  • key school contacts page

What can you access? 

  • Spotlight - this is where we report on your child's learning (essentially, this is your child's "school report")
  • Student timetable - some teams use this to show what children are working on each day.  
  • Accounts - see what you owe and what you've paid.  Download statements and tax receipts.
  • Guidance information which shows you information we've recorded about your child's behaviour or special help they've received.  
  • Important documents - such as our ICT user agreement.
  • Assessment information (which admittedly not everyone finds useful)

How do you sign up?

We've sent you log on details previously and understand that you are busy and that you may not have realised how important it is to sign up.  You may also have tried to log on, but got stuck at some point in the process. 

Please read the previous emails carefully, so that you don't miss a step.

We've also created this slide set which presents the instructions in a different way. 

If you do experience difficulties, let us know and we'll help you out –

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