Learning from Home with COVID19 in 2022

Updated 6.4.22
Due to COVID related staff absences we are no longer able to provide the full Learning from Home programme that teachers have planned.
From Wednesday 6 April teachers will no longer offer 'connection time' or Google Meets.

If your child is isolating at home and is able to complete school work they are still able to access all of the independent work that teachers have set up.  Find out what is available for your child by opening the slides set below for their team.

KŌTARE (Year 0 - 2)    |    TŪĪ  (Year 3 - 4)    |    KĒRERŪ  &  KĀKĀ  (Year 5 - 8)    |   RURU    

Note: RURU LA CHOUETTE - access mainstream (Kōtare, Tūi or Kērerū & Kākā) slides above for learning in English and RURU  for learning in FRENCH.

We have a FAQs page with information about COVID19 and school - click here.

Learning while on holiday during term time

Please refer to our Learning on Holiday plan if you are taking your child out of school for a holiday.

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