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Reporting to Whanau

Ridgway School formally reports to parents about the progress their children have made in their learning via Learning Conferences and written reports.

Year 1 - Year 3

Parents are invited to attend a Learning Conference twice a year to discuss the progress their child has made and to set learning priorities with the teacher for the next half year. For children in Year 1 - 3 Learning Conferences will be scheduled in the second last week of each term. You will be asked to book times either in Term 1 and Term 3, OR in Term 2 and Term 4, depending on when your child's birthday falls. Information about when and how to book will be provided to you closer to the time.
Children usually attend these Learning Conferences so that they can explain to parents, with the help of their teacher, what they have learnt. These conferences are important for helping parents to understand how they can support their child's learning at home and for helping the teacher better understand each individual child. Following the learning conference the teacher will send home the formal written report which summarises the achievements and next steps as discussed during the conference.

Year 4 - Year 8

The first Learning Conference for students in these year groups is a Goal Setting Conference in Week 3 of Term 1. Students and their families are asked to consider the student's strengths, interests, personal goals and learning needs prior to the conference so that these can be discussed. The Achievements and Next Steps from last year's end of year written report will be referred to during the conference. This first conference is invaluable for both families and teachers as it enables everyone to get to know each other and gives an opportunity for clear directions to be set for learning.

A second Learning Conference will be held in Week 9 of Term 2. The student, with the support of their teacher, will explain what they have learnt and how they have progressed towards their goals. New goals will be set and the ways that whanau will help at home will be agreed. Following this Learning Conference the teacher will send home a written report which is a short summary of the student's achievements and next steps as discussed in the Learning conference.

At the end of the year, the student and their teacher will evaluate progress towards set goals and a second summary of achievements and next steps will be sent home. Learning conference will not be held unless requested by parents.

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