Friday 29 July

He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa
Bonjour à toutes nos familles

Open and blessed

We are near the end of our first week in our new whare (building) and we are loving it!  Thank you to those of you who joined us on Monday morning for the formal opening and blessing.  We very lucky that Mr Matiu Julian (Nga Ruahine, Te Atihaunui-a-Paparangi, Ngati Tu Mango) representing Mana Whenua was able to come and bless the building for us.  It was also great to have our elected representatives Mayor Andy Foster and Minister of Education Chris Hipkins taking an interest in our special occasion too.  Here’s a link to the Stuff article that mentions us.

We are noticing a few little things that need to be sorted (e.g. quite a few under sink u-bends seem to be leaking) and we still have to find a home for some of our stuff, but it’s fabulous to be in the new building.

Open hour 

Families who would like to take a look around our kura (school) can do so tonight from 5 - 6pm.  This is a self guided (or guided by your tamariki) walk through for those of you who want to pop down for a quick look around.  Enter via the main entrance.

Drop off and pick up routines

We apologise for the confusion this week around drop off and pick up routines.  Thank you for your patience.  

Morning Drop Off

  • Kōtare children enter via the temporary alleyway off Mornington Road. Older children who are bringing their Kōtare siblings to school can also come in via this Kōtare entrance through the Tarata space.

  • All other children should come into the school via the walkway from The Ridgeway.  

Open mornings

Ruru, Tūi and Kōtare teachers will continue to operate an open morning one day a week.  On this morning children are able to bring their parents into the classroom to show them what they’ve been working on.  On all other days, you should say goodbye at the gate.

Kōtare open mornings are Mondays, and Tūi open mornings are on Tuesdays.

Afternoon Pick Up

Lots of parents patiently waiting on the footpath for the afternoon pick up is problematic as it causes congestion.  We’ve realised that you thought you weren’t allowed to wait in front of the main entrance where there is plenty of space - but you can! 

Here are the recommended waiting spots: 

Kōtare parents - wait on the concrete area in front of the Kōtare windows or on the driveway at our old main entrance area (be aware that this is now a site entrance for our landscaping work).  All Kōtare children will exit via the Tarata space.  Teachers will bring children outside to meet their parents.  Children in Years 3 - 8 who have siblings in Kōtare should also exit the school via the Tarata space, so that they can meet their little brother or sister and their parent at the Kōtare pick up point on Mornington Road.

All others parents - if you arrive before 3pm you can wait in the open area outside our main entrance.  After 3pm you can walk down the walkway from The Ridgeway to wait by the deck where your children will exit.  You might also like to tell your children to meet you at the front of the school.  

Once the landscaping work is completed later in the year, picking up and dropping off will become much easier for all of us.  

Learning Conferences

Remember that these will be held next week, if you haven’t already booked a conference time, please do so as soon as possible.

Learning Conferences are open for parent bookings. Event Code to book:  ydref

Friday 29th July - 

Kēreru/Kāka in VBC Upstairs room - 9am to 3pm.

Tuesday 2nd August -

Tūi and Kēreru/Kāka - 9am to 2.45pm at VBC, then 3.30pm to 6pm at school.

Kōtare - 3.30pm to 6pm at school.

Wednesday 3rd August - 

All teams 3.30pm to 8pm at school.

Thursday 4th August -

Kōtare - 9am to 2.45pm at VBC upstairs room and 3.30pm to 6pm at school.

Tūi and Kēreru/Kāka - 3.30pm to 6pm at school

NED Show

We’ll be tuning in to the NED Live Stream Show on Monday morning.  NED shows are funded from sales of yoyos and we will be selling these from 8.30-9.30am in Tawa from Tuesday - Friday next week.  Payment must be received prior to your child getting a yoyo, and there are 3 payment methods:

  1. Exact cash amount in a named envelope

  2. Internet banking 12-3141-0104464-00. Be sure to include your child's name and "YOYO". (This is our preferred method.)

  3. Eftpos payment at the office

For more information about the NED show and to see what yoyos for sale see the NED School Notice sent on Monday or view it on the newsletter page of our website.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming starts next week and runs for the next 8 weeks.  Swimming is a compulsory part of the NZ curriculum and all children are expected to attend, so remember togs and towels.

Year 1-3 - Little Makos - Tuesdays

Year 4-5 - Little Makos - Friday afternoons

Year 6-8 - Karori - Friday afternoons

Board Elections

Finally, the Board wish to remind you that nominations for Board membership are open until 3 August.  Check your email for nomination forms as these have been sent out to you twice now.  

Here’s the timeline for Board elections:

Supplementary Roll Closes    1 August

Nominations Close                 3 August

Invitation to Vote                    10 August

Election Day                           7 September

Declaration of Result             13 September

New board in place                14 September

Upcoming Events

  • 28 July = Open School: Walk Through - 5 - 6pm

  • 1 August: NEDs Mindset Mission 9.30 - 10am (online) 

  • 1 August: SuperHui#2 3:30 - 5pm @WHS 

  • 4 August: (Thursday) School swimming sports for Y4-8; Karori Pool, 9 - 1pm

  • Fri 29 July - 5 Aug: Learning Conferences

  • Weeks 2 - 9 School swimming lessons (Tuesdays or Fridays)

  • 4 August: School Swimming Sports 

  • Week 3 -10 School lunch fundraising (no Sushi or Pita Pit)

  • 8th August School Photos

  • 15th August School Photos

Also see upcoming events in our school events calendar.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and try to stay dry.

Ngā mihi
Kathryn Smith
Ridgway School

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