What is Ridgway’s got talent? Ridgway’s got talent is an event where  students can express themselves with/by Dancing, Singing, Comedy, Acrobatics and lots of other unique special talents. 

When is Ridgway’s Got Talent?  Ridgway’s Got Talent is once every year!

Is it fun?  Ridgway’s got talent is really fun showing everyone your talents and having a laugh it’s good to get up there with your friends

Where is it? It’s at Ridgway school as you can see in the title and in

Ridgway School it’s at the big space

Why come? You can see our Ridgway students perform and hone their Drama, Singing, Acting, Acro any talent or hobby they love to do!

Why contribute? Sign up for Ridgways got talent and hone your skills and hobbies, perform with your friends and have lots of fun!

By Oscar and Paul

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