City Classroom

City Library

Every 2nd Friday we take the Kingston bus in Home groups, down to the Wellington City library to issue new books and explore wellington's Waterfront.

When we arrive we go to the the front room and wait for the librarian to introduce us to new books. Afterwards we will go and find books in the young adults section,later we will go back to school in our home groups. Homegroups are when the half the class goes with one teacher and the other half with our other teacher. In Room 8 we do homegroups because it's easier for our Year 7&8 teachers Mr Milne and Ms Morris since we are a class of 40 students.

Skate Park

In term 2 room 8 got to go to the Waitangi Skate Park for the PB4L reward day. We travelled down there by bus in homegroups and Ms Sturland took our Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards and go carts in her car. Also there was a rock climbing wall where students could climb on.

Bike Project

In Term 2 our year 7 and 8 class got invited to the bike project lab near the Wellington City Library waterfront to help the artists make their floats for their Bike festival, and learn how to use recycling products and turning them into amazing floats connected to the bikes.

City Gallery

When Room 8 go to the Wellington City Library sometimes Ms Morris our Year 7&8 teacher will take us down to the City Gallery and we were able to look at the creations from different artists around New Zealand.

By Joy and Celia

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