Property Work at Ridgway

Over the past 6 years, we have engaged extensively with the Ministry of Education discussing and planning for property improvements at our school.

During Term 1 of 2018, parents, staff and the board undertook to promote our concerns about the state of buildings at our school by writing letters to MPs. These letters highlighted some of our key problems and how these have been responded to in the past by the school and the Ministry of Education.

These letters have been received and the Ministry of Education have taken our concerns seriously. Urgent work to fix roof leaks was approved and started immediately (junior toilets, library, Rm 1). Reports were commissioned to ascertain the extent of the work required in other parts of the school.

Timeline of actions and events related to property

final update 5 June 2018

The board met with the Deputy head of Infrastructure Delivery for the Ministry of Education in late June 2018 and were informed that major building work has been approved (as building reports indicated considerable work was required to bring the school buildings up to standard).

The Ministry have appointed a Delivery Manager to oversee and coordinate the work to be done, which will include refurbishment of teaching spaces in the junior block and the removal and rebuild of Rooms 6 -10.

The staff and board will now work quickly to compile an "Education Brief". This sets out how teaching and learning happen at Ridgway School and the features of our school culture that make us unique. This brief will help to guide the work of architects.

At the same time that we work on the "Education Brief" the Delivery Manager will start the master planning process.

Members of our school community who would like to keep up to date with the latest news on our building can read our Building Diary.  This will be updated regularly and will show how the work is progressing.

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