Interviewing The Teachers

Miss Sturland

Miss Sturland likes Ridgway because of the kind people and  how people know each other.Miss.Sutherland's dream job is to be a gardener and she likes to start her school day with some P.E. When she was learning to be a teacher she thought it was fun. She wanted to be a teacher because she wanted to help children. We hope you know a bit more about Miss Sturland.  

Miss Coburn

Miss Coburn is one of the new teachers here at Ridgway, she loves the atmosfair and the connections that our school has with the community. Her dream is to become a lifeguard for Bondi Beach and she likes to start the day of with writing. She thought that university was intense, she wanted to become a teacher because she like to work with kids.  

By Pranay, Eliana, Zac and Melissa
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