Final Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday 11 December 2019

Time: 6.30 pm

Venue: Staffroom, Ridgway School

Opened with karakia.


  1. Attendees: Barbara Dean, Kathryn Smith, Cushla Thurston, Jo Pohatu, David Eng, Raelene Sloper, and Rachel Kirkman

  2. Apologies: None

  3. New declaration of interests: Raelene declared her son will be doing some work updating the school website update. His pay will be signed off by Kathryn and authorised by Sarah.

  4. NZSTA updates: none

  5. Correspondence: none

  6. Confirmation of Minutes:

Resolved, That the 23 October 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes are accepted and approved by email (Unanimously).

Ridgway's Strategic Aims

Strategy and vision: draft strategy document discussion

Noted the Strategy is for the next three years, i.e. 2020 - 2023

It builds on work done with Carolyn Stewart, Kahui Ako and the previous charter.

Noted the strategic objectives are inter-related, they do not exist in isolation.

For the Vision/Mission - consider what makes Ridgway unique, how can we capture this.

All agreed the draft is a useful starter for the Board to discuss and develop.

Discussion focused on what are the big strategic items that the school should focus us - considering if you could do whatever you wanted for the school, what would those things be?

The following areas were identified as those that should be focused on within the next 3 years:

  • Rebuild

  • Curriculum Development

  • Professional Development

  • Systems and Processes - (includes governance and communications with our Ridgway whanau)

Te Reo Maori name for Ridgway

This was discussed at last Whanau Hui Group meeting. Preference was for Tawatawa rather than Te Ara Kahiwi.

Resolved that the Board agrees that Te Reo ingoa for Ridgway will be Tawatawa.

(Moved: Jo, Seconded: Barbara, Carried: Unanimously)


  1. Request for Board to provide feedback on the Mission and Vision, these need to be revisited in early 2020.

  2. Agreed to publish the Mission / Vision in this term's Board newsletter for comment/feedback.

  3. Rachel and Barbara to update strategic goals and recirculate these to Board for final comment.

Goal 1: Successful Learners

  1. Presentation of Principal's report

  2. Possible enrolment scheme for Ridgway:


Agreed to include line in the school charter regarding health aspects.

Short discussion about how we will ensure those students who need extra help to meet standards get there. Kathryn noted they are looking at acceleration programmes for those going from Year 3 to Year 4 to push them along.


Resolution is we should start a zoning process, given other schools in the area have done this.

Likely we will be directed to do it anyway next year, but we should commence doing this.

Ruru La Chouette - if have a zone what impact might this have on those families who might want to attend.

  • Legislation sets down the policy for who qualifies to attend within the zone. This is the same for all schools.

Resolved that the Board commence the zoning process for Ridgway.

Moved: Rachel 2nd Kathryn

  • David has agreed to assist Kathryn with the process etc for starting zoning for Ridgway.

Late Start proposal

Board had a number of questions about the proposal including: how to maintain children's routines, management of children during this time, will learning be impacted.

Board noted we need to be clear of the story for why we want to trial/propose this so that we can inform/consult the Ridgway community.

Agreed that more information is needed on how this might work before we will be able to agree.


  1. Kathryn to provide more details for how this will work, i.e. the logistics.

Goal 2: Inclusive Culture

1. [No matters to discuss]

Goal 3: Inviting Environment

  1. Property: update

Cushla, Rachel & Kathryn attended the information session for Ridgway community. There was a 2-week period for feedback. Points raised at the information session focused on the design of the entrance to the school including if it should/should not be fenced in; if the plans make most of the views at the 2nd level. These are being considered for next design iteration.


  • The building plans have been to design review panel for approval of preliminary design.

  • Ministry of Education has appointed a Project Manager for the rebuild.

  • We are expecting a further drawing with finer detail before sign off.

  • Cushla has visited a couple of schools in the Wellington region that have recently been rebuilt. This was an opportunity to consider if aspects of their design would be good for Ridgway and help with the specifications.

  • The path from school to field will be taken on by the Ministry of Education as part of the relocation plans during the rebuild.

  • Jo asked if we could consider including in the design plans for a request to retain some of the wooden beams of the old school block that may be able to be used for a sculpture etc for the entranceway. Cushla to consider how to include this.

Goal 4: Involved Community

  1. Kahui Ako Kaitiaki update - none.

  2. Engagement: how do we better engage with our community

  3. Bike Track Funding:

Discussion regarding developing the skills part of the bike track. Parent leading this has asked for breakdown of how much funding remained for this work.

Noted previous Board agreed to pay up to $20,000.


Barbara and Raelene to check the balances and reflect on previous Board decisions. To be circulated to the Board.


  1. Outstanding action points from previous meetings

  2. Any other business

  3. Next meeting- 12 February 2020, supper duty: Barbara

Meeting closed: 9.00 pm

Signed as a correct record: ____________________________________

Chairperson / /2019

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