Year 7/8 Camp

By Oliver and Solomon

For the year 7 and 8 camp 2016, we went to Blue Mountains Adventure Camp. At camp we did white water rafting, caving, high ropes, canoeing and rock climbing. We were all split into 8 groups.  All of us were living in a cabin with 8 rooms with about 7 people in each cabin. What was great was that we had really nice food for meals and dessert.

White water rafting was full of calm rivers and lots of bumpy rapids that went on for a few hours. As it was a full day activity, they supplied us with lunch halfway through, and then we continued going.

Caving was very dark and cramped but it was beautiful as there were glow worms everywhere, although it was a bit difficult to get around when we had to carry on because we had to climb to high areas.

For canoeing, we had to join 2 canoes together with planks of wood and rope, then we had to sail to an island on the other side of the lake. On the island we played a few rounds of hide and seek and then we went back to where we came from.

Me and the other students in the canoe were working together to get to the other island and also for the joy of beating all the others.


Rock climbing (ABL) was just a little course inside the building and we just had to climb as high as we could. The final activity of camp was high ropes but it really was just a giant swing where one of us was attached to a harness and everyone else grabbed a giant rope and started moving back and then they pressed a button and went swinging.

I didn’t do high ropes but everyone else that did looked terrified and they also screamed because it was very high up. For rock climbing, which I did do, I didn’t go very high up as my grip isn’t very good but it was still fun anyway.


In the afternoon we rehearsed Ridgway’s got talent but in the evening the actual show was performed then. We then had supper (hot chocolate and biscuits), and then went to bed. On Friday morning we packed our stuff, cleaned up the lodge, and then went on the 6 hour bus ride back to school.

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