At Ridgway school all seven and eights go to something very interesting called technology instead of playing during lunch but we don't miss out on the fun of playing. The location of technology is mount cook school at 160 tory street wellington, right by the national war memorial. We leave for tech on wednesdays at 12:40 every week throughout the year and come back to school at 2:55.At tech we do 5 different activities over an eight week rotations on each activity.The activities are sewing,cooking,movie making,electronics and wood work but not in that order,depending on what year you are you do different stuff in different activities if you are a year seven you will do different stuff that the year eights.The point of the activities is to make stuff that we can keep like pillows in sewing,food in cooking,movies in movie making,thing that require electronics and in wood work you make cabinets and drawers and everything you make you get to keep forever and hopefully get show your kids to give that a sight of what they might do year seven and eight at Ridgway school.

By Thomas
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