Mandarin School

Mandarin is on every Friday at Ridgway school. Each class has sessions at different times where they learn how to speak mandarin for half an hour. Some classes learn mandarin together in smaller groups which means you can interact with kids from other classes. In each lesson you review what you did in the last lesson so you won’t forget what you’ve learned. In mandarin  New Zealand is, ‘XinXilan’. This is just one of the many things we have learnt in mandarin so far.


We learnt how to introduce ourselves by saying “Ni hao, wo jiao ……” (your name where the dots are). Here is a link to one of the songs we sang along with to learn how to introduce ourselves …………  learning another language helps prepare us for going to college or highschool. It is also helpful in case you go on a holiday to a country where people speak that language.

Our Mandarin classes are taught by Wong Lao Shi. She came all the way to New Zealand from Beijing in China. We start every lesson by saying ‘Ni Hao Wong Lao Shi’ and we end it by saying ‘Zaijian Wong Lao Shi’ which means goodbye. We have learnt how to name all the main colours using Chinese and while learning them we watched a video that taught us how to pronounce them. We also learnt how to name sports like soccer, which is zuqui. As well as soccer, our classes have learnt about other sports like basketball, running and cycling. In our classes we have learnt how to count to 10,000! So, in the end, Mandarin at Ridgway school is a great opportunity to learn another language and have fun with friends

By Ari
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