Chess Club

Chess club is an extracurricular activity for kids at Ridgway school who look to extend their knowledge of the game as well as playing in inter-school tournaments and school tournaments.

There are junior and senior classes that get taught at different tim

es throughout wednesday morning, in the library. If your child is interested in joining the chess club it is $25 a term which will offer 10 lessons, 45 minutes per lesson. This year we have seen a huge improvement in numbers, going from just enough to have 

one group, to having almost too many for two .  

Chess club is taught by a New Zealand grand master, Mark Van der Hoorn,World ranked 30905 and NZ ranked 44, he is a great and intelligent chess teacher.

When we are not doing tournaments,Mark is busy teaching us useful moves such as the Kiss Of Death, En Passant and many many more.

We have all seen huge improvements in each other's game play, throughout the time we have attended chess club and we hope that chess club can carry on growing and fulfilling its purpose in recruiting members and teaching the students skills and strategy.
By Reuben & Sol
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