Art Splash & Ski Trip

At Ridgway school we offer a variety of exhilarating opportunities including the Ski Trip and our Choirs annual performance called Art Splash so in this article we will be telling you all about it.

The Ski Trip is an activity that will go on for 3 days, In this camp the students will learn to ski in a enjoyable environment with their fellow classmates.The will come home with a variety of different stories, including how they skied down the mountain at terminal velocity. And the time on the bus when out

Art Splash has happened and it was a huge success. Ridgway was amazing their voices could be heard all over Wellington. Their blue t-shirts really stood out from everyone else. It was so nice to see kids from different schools joining together to sing songs. The Michael Fowler Centre was full with people from all over the place. It was a really special occasion if you missed it this year make sure to get tickets for next year's show.  

By Jack and Henry

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