Spending Priorities

The board have identified the following priorities for 2018.  Work to be carried out to classrooms and children’s toilets is included in the 10 Year Property Plan.  The 10 Year Property Plan is subject to Ministry of Education approval and this work is funded separately from our Operations Grant.

Health & Safety

  1. Shade - complete sandpit and outdoor classroom

  2. Zig-zag track - fence

  3. Staff toilets

Teaching and Learning

  1. Fit for purpose furniture and storage

  2. iPads 1 per teacher

  3. Video editing /movie making capability


  1. Shelving & storage units for the office

  2. Carpet

  3. Update R cards, signage & school logo


  1. Bike racks

  2. Gardens & trees - aim is to Achieve Silver Enviroschool award

  3. Outdoor murals (3 year plan funded from the $10, 000 gift we received from Tawa Arts and Crafts group in 2016.

  4. Bike track - stage one completed & purchase of bikes and helmets

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